Sunday, December 11, 2011

Am I a Dating Coach?

This is beginning to confuse me. Every week, more and more men and women call me for my opinions, suggestions, attitudes on dating, and sometimes just because they want to vent.

Let me be clear, I have NEVER considered myself a dating coach. I do not consider myself a seminar leader, teacher, guru, or anything vaguely similar to anything like that. I am simply a Dating Workshop Facilitator, Creator, and Leader who asks great questions, gets people thinking the right way, and helps them to formulate their OWN brilliant answers through our amazing exercises and through discussions and interactions with their dating community.

So why have I been asked to submit a chapter to an ebook written by eight female international dating coaches?

And why do both men and women, from mid twenties to mid sixties call me regularly for my ear, and my coaching?

Why did one of those female dating coaches call me just to tell me how brilliant and on-target my “dating tips” were?

Hell if I know?

The only assumption that I can make is that people get Value from their interactions with me? And if that is the truth, if that is what is happening, and if that is even a remote possibility…
…then I am truly blessed to say that I am happy, I am complete, and I am dedicated to continue to add value to the lives of all those around me until the very last breath leaves my body…

…and even beyond that…


Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Men That Women have been Searching For

I have men in my life.

Not boys, not guys, not dudes, and not just friends. I have MEN in my life. The kind of men that our grandfathers were. The kind of men that The Duke, Jimmy Stewart and Brando and Clarke Gable were. Men to look up to, men to be admired, men with hearts and yes, men with FLAWS.

Men these days, mostly called boys, are men who cannot admit their flaws. They are men who hide behind guile and pride, hide behind money or fame, and hide behind women, or worse, abuse the privilege.

I do not have that sort of man in my life, and if one sneaks in, once they are around the men that I surround myself with, they morph, change, grow, emulate, and become more than they had been before.

Yes, I have MEN in my life, and I am proud to state that after three-plus years of being surrounded by these men, that I have become one of them, that I am a leader amongst leaders, and that the women of this nation should rejoice...
...because the tide is changing, and MEN are making a comeback!!!

And it's about damn time too...