Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Men That Women have been Searching For

I have men in my life.

Not boys, not guys, not dudes, and not just friends. I have MEN in my life. The kind of men that our grandfathers were. The kind of men that The Duke, Jimmy Stewart and Brando and Clarke Gable were. Men to look up to, men to be admired, men with hearts and yes, men with FLAWS.

Men these days, mostly called boys, are men who cannot admit their flaws. They are men who hide behind guile and pride, hide behind money or fame, and hide behind women, or worse, abuse the privilege.

I do not have that sort of man in my life, and if one sneaks in, once they are around the men that I surround myself with, they morph, change, grow, emulate, and become more than they had been before.

Yes, I have MEN in my life, and I am proud to state that after three-plus years of being surrounded by these men, that I have become one of them, that I am a leader amongst leaders, and that the women of this nation should rejoice...
...because the tide is changing, and MEN are making a comeback!!!

And it's about damn time too...


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Anonymous said...

As a man in your life Spike, I will continue to do whatever it takes to make you the best man your can be. I expect the same from you and any other man in my life. As our journey continues, we must remember that the whole must be greater than the sum of its' parts. Lets' make it happen