Monday, October 10, 2011

Geez, can you think before you share THAT with me?

I recently put the finishing touches on my ebook entitled "101 Free Online Dating Tips." Now the title will have to be changed since my staff has decided to make it available for eBay and Kindle, and only free on the DD site. Anyway, after reading all of my tips I realized that I've broken nearly all of them at some point over the past 10 years!

So I decided to examine under a microscope my past 2 dates, one last Friday evening and one yesterday with 2 very different types of women. I am not going into detail of the dates, just the multitude of mistakes, screw-ups, and innocent idiocy that the 3 of us heaped on each other.
So here are some of the things we did that you should NEVER do on a date, and more than likely not in a relationship, at least not until way down the road!

1) Never discuss your ex'es. This should be obvious to everyone. No woman (or man) wants to hear about all the other women (or men!) that you dated, even if the stories are positive ones. Concentrate on the person sitting in front of you, now, and forget that all the others even exist, for now!

2) If you have some cosmetic challenges (these women shared the following things about themselves; "my teeth need to be fixed," "I have no ass," "my hair normally looks worse than this," "I don't need to stand up straight for the photo because there's nothing there to pop out for the camera") you don't need to mention it to the guy (or girl). We kinda see it anyway but believe it or not it may not be as important to us as you may think. Allow us to discover how wonderful you are inside, before sharing all the things you feel are not wonderful on the outside.

3) I don't need to hear about all of your recent surgeries, how your son attempted to kill you with a knife, that if I grab your left arm you may attack me in response, or a multitude of other lovely first-date factoids. Relax folks. Sit back and be silly, funny, adorable, and perhaps (if the feelings warrant it) a bit affectionate. Everyone loves a hug and if you run into someone who does NOT, don't be surprised at the lack of future affection you get from them if it does (unfortunately) turn into a relationship.

Now don't get me wrong here, there were many wonderful things that happened on both dates including yesterday's date who came with 3 of her 4 sons to a huge outdoor-fundraiser I was attending for homeless children ( Her kids were great and we all got along sweetly. Her youngest (11) spent a lot of time with me and is a great kid! Not your "normal" first date, but hey, what IS normal these days? We had FUN!

Sooooo, I guess I'm just babbling at this point. Just be kind to each other people, and fer cripes sake THINK before you open your mouth and put your foot into it!


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