Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's all in the Grand Design

The Universe stepped into my life at exactly 3:49 A.M. on Thursday, June 10, 2011. I was in a rut, the excitement had gone out of my life, I was becoming argumentative, hated my part-time consulting position, wanted to break up with my girlfriend, wasn't running my business with any passion and nearly lost my biggest client.

If you read the previous blog (kinda really need to before you can understand this one) you can kinda take it from there, but here's the rub because that 'ol Universe wasn't done with me yet!
One of the main reasons I wanted to break-up with my g/f was that she creates scenarios that don't exist, reacts to those non-existent scenarios negatively (usually hiding out for weeks at a time) and then blames me.

So of course, being a dumb-ass, the first person I sent that blog to was her, in the belief that she'd get a great laugh from the humor and irony.

Well did she?

No. not even close.
She wrote the following text to me "I do not want to talk to you, do NOT call! The blog was the end." (at which point I responded "you are so silly" and she) "Enough is enough, your blog is so f'ed up! I am so hurt. Very disrespectful..."

So what's a boy supposed to do? I mean I write a blog about a golden retriever, and my over-reacting g/f reads only the first half, freaks out, and breaks up with me.

My amazing, old-soul 16 year old son (who really dislikes my g/f) and his 17 year old g/f (who I adore, she is so good for him!) read the blog and loved it. When I told them what her response was they both replied (in unison) "she did you a favor."

And I believe they are correct.

Had she not mistakenly (?) woken me up I would not have
1) started running again, which I forgot how much I loved,
2) resumed blogging again, which I REALLY adore, and
3) put me in the position to find a fabulous life partner who can appreciate who I am, who I have been, and who I am becoming.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

One slightly used boyfriend, back on the market.

Film at eleven...


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macservice said...

Whether she did you a favor and you blogged it is less relevant that the LESSON and FUTURE you will create from what you learned.
You, like any other man, may quickly forget the lesson (or never reflect to find one) and go back to the similar behavior that got you there.
WHY do you choose a woman like that? If you do continue this choice how will you be prepared to negotiate this potential STORM.
Then be SURE to let us know so WE can learn from that DISCOVERY.
I learned to do my best NOT to overreact to that NEGATIVE emotion. I am SURELY not perfect and have no fear that I will get MORE lessons and become BETTER for it.

Remember: We can make lots more money; so that is less important than our MOST valuable commodity - TIME. Use it well - use it wisely.
Appreciate and be thankful for everyday that you are blessed with TIME.