Tuesday, June 14, 2011


One Slightly Used Boyfriend, Blog; Part 4.

I run every morning, well except for Tuesday mornings due to a late night meeting. And by the time my run and workout are complete the dog-walkers are out in full force.
Well yesterday morning was no exception and as sure as rain there was Coby, my buddy, the Yorkshire Terrier puppy who has bonded with me like no other dog.
Coby has a tiny body but has the heart of a pit bull. His master saw me and said "Coby, who's that?"
And then Coby saw me from about 100 feet away and literally dragged his much larger walker to me in a frenzy. Normally Coby will jump right onto me, licking my face, biting my nose, and pulling at anything (usually my sweat towel) from my fingers to play with. But today would be different as Coby decided he needed a belly rub and I was just the guy to do it!

"Dude, why do you write about dogs so much?"

Because dogs are the source of unconditional love, and puppies especially. I have often had the thought that if people would treat each other like dogs treat each other, especially when first meeting (can you imagine all the butt sniffing?) that everyone would be related and society would move at a much more calm pace.

I dated a woman about 3 1/2 years ago who had a great desire to fly into the arms of the man she loved. So as I picked her up from the airport, in a blinding rainstorm, I stepped out of my car, braced myself, and from about 50 feet away she knew exactly what I was doing.
She dropped her bags, ran as fast as she could and as she got to the curb became airborne, flying about five feet directly into my arms and wrapping her legs around my waist, her hands around my neck, and her heart beating very fast.
I damn near fell on my ass but somehow didn't.
This was serving the needs of a woman I cared for and making one small dream come true for her. We didn't last too long but I can assure you that every man she dates hence will be measured to that standard.

I know, I'm meandering, but the point that I'm attempting to make is that when we put our mate first, when we treat each other like someone who matters, when we show the excitement, the glow, and the love of a puppy for a friend, then, then shall we be able to keep the people who matter the most to us.



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