Friday, June 10, 2011

One Slightly Used Boyfriend, Blog- Faith

One Slightly Used Boyfriend, Blog!

It was a rough night. I tossed and turned and just could not get the day out of my head. The “chattering monkeys” were keeping me awake and my lion was having a tough time chasing them away.

And then my phone rang at 3:47 AM. I recognized the number and grudgingly answered; no-one was there. I guess she changed her mind?
Now I was awake. I grabbed some water, washed my face, attempted to lie back down, but the birds were singing as, somehow, even at that early hour the first rays of morning were peeking above the horizon.
“It’s too early for daytime” I thought to myself. Now just past 4:30 AM I decided to watch a little TV news to see if somehow the earth had shifted on its axis causing daylight to be at my windows way too early.
Nope, everything seems normal on the news, same old same old. So at 5:30 I made a decision that I was in a rut and the universe was tired of listening to me bitch and that I needed to get outside and do a workout and my first run since I damaged my knee 3 years ago.

I grabbed a towel and my keys and left. The sun was warm, the air was cool, and the aroma of honeysuckle was overwhelmingly delicious after last night’s storm.
I had a great workout in Seton Park and only had to contend with one other early runner jogging around the astro-turf baseball field with me.

After an hour I had had it and decided to do a meditation in one of the dugouts. The sun however was lovingly peeking out from behind Whitehall and so I hoofed it on over to shortstop, laid my towel down to keep my butt semi-dry, and got into my best lotus position with the sun drenching my face and body.
A thought had slightly crossed my mind as I sat down, something like “I hope another runner doesn’t decide to run the bases like I do, full speed, head down, and not see me and crash!
I dismissed it as silly.

The sun was incredible. It was nirvana. It was bliss. It was amazing.

And then it happened.

Out of the corner of my eye and racing towards me at full boar was a young, gorgeous blond. She not only didn’t seem to be slowing down, she was in fact picking up speed, eyes directly focused on mine, making a beeline for my sitting position. Before I could react she bowled me over onto my back, my feet up in the air, kissed the entire right side of my face and lay down onto my chest.

I was conquered.

I was done.

I never had a chance.

Her name was Faith and her blond hair was all over me. I was at this point laughing so hard I could barely breathe. Didn’t she KNOW that I was attempting to meditate? Who was she to disturb me in this manner?

Well, at this point another blond, this one much older came running towards me with apologies on her lips!
“I’m so sorry” she uttered, “When she saw you on the ground, well, that’s how she plays with my son!”
I told her that no apologies were necessary and that in fact, despite having a soaking wet back, a face dripping with slobber, and covered in blond hair, that Faith had made my day.

You see the Universe liked the fact that I got out of my way and outside where I belong, running, meditating, and back to being who I used to be.
And the Universe provided me with pay in the form of an 8 month-old, female Golden Retriever named Faith who thought I was her long-lost brother and treated me thus.

I never did get quite back into the meditation mode, I tried, but I was just too giddy and perhaps a bit skittish that Faith would find me, yet again!
I walked home, stopping 4 times to breathe deeply the honeysuckle outside my home, and thought to myself that I need to make sweeping changes in how I live my life. I’ll be making lots of phone calls today, I can tell you that!



macservice said...

:) Nice.
May you be bowled over by a Pack of Wolves.

macservice said...
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Dating DeMistyfied said...

I do, every Tuesday night at 8:00 PM!