Sunday, August 30, 2009

Make fun of them, now!

This is one for the millions of Internet Daters out there. It has worked like a charm for me in locating some great women with personality and an edge, and thankfully has also saved me from some real loonies.

When you write to someone for the first time, make fun of something in his or her profile. The sane ones that you’re looking for will find it cute.

The nut-jobs, that you want to avoid like a plague of enraged locust, will get upset.

It’s all good!

I can remember Katie’s profile on She was from Little Falls, New Jersey and totally adorable. Her profile was brief, so I decided to make fun of her town as that’s about all I could think of.

I wrote something like

“ So how little are the falls anyway? Do the big falls know that the little falls are out all by themselves? Aren’t the big falls worried? Will the little falls be home by ten?”

I went on for a bit in this manner and I can tell you that she absolutely loved it!

Her responses were always cute and a bit edgy and the inevitable date (which she made me wait three weeks for, very smart girl!) went incredibly well, as expected!

Understand that she was amused by my sarcasm and questions.

Understand that she was gifted at giving it back in a similar, edgy manner!

Understand that there are women who are not amused by this sort of initial communication.

Understand that that sort of woman (or man!) will never get a date with me!

And understand that if you’re going to “bust chops” on a first contact, be prepared for a “cyber busted nose” from the many out there with no sense of humor or taste for light sarcasm, and more issues than National Geographic, my fave mag!

Like, yeah....


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