Monday, August 24, 2009

Never call the next day.

Doesn't everybody know this one?

This is a rule that nearly everyone has broken, countless times!

So you’ve had three phone conversations with “the one.” They seem to be everything you’ve been searching for, and then the first date arrives.

Wow, they’re amazing and indeed even better than you would have hoped. The date goes amazingly well and the goodbye kiss lasts much longer than any others in recent memory with the hair standing up on your arms, chills going down your spine, your eyes in the back of their sockets, and the world temporarily in non-existence beyond your glorious oral embrace.

Sheer joy.

You return home and can barely sleep because you cannot stop thinking about them.

You fall asleep very late and then you do it; you call them first thing in the morning “just to hear their voice.”


Now I can tell you that there have been rare women who have done this to me and I have loved it because they did it in a cute, sarcastic way. And I can tell you that I have wanted at times to do it myself, but there are rules, and what your wussy heart tells you to do is generally the wrong thing.

People, nice people, normal people, people who really like you can and will get freaked out when you show affection too soon, and calling the next day is too soon!

But that’s just me!

It is human nature to get attached at some level to someone who you had a great time with, and indeed they may be feeling the same way, but chill out folks!

Now on the other hand, sending a cute email with a joke in it the next day is often a nice touch, but KEEP IT SHORT!


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