Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I love the feeling of raindrops on my face.
The tiny little patter and drip down my nose
past my waiting lips
just to fall away into whence they came.

I really do like the rain, well, not like, when I'm at the beach or at a picnic, but can I ask you if you've ever made love in the rain?
Have you ever laid in the green, wet grass and made love so well and for so long as the rain beat down on you, and your body heat from making love was so intense that you could actually see the steam rising from your entwined bodies?
And have you ever experienced the sheer and total bliss of having an orgasm with nature just cascading all around you, as if to applaud your fabulous efforts?
And have you collapsed, spent, content, and blissful in the arms of your lover as the storm just didn't seem to matter much at all?


Have you?

Damn folks, get the fuck out there! What the hell are ya waiting for?


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