Thursday, August 20, 2009

Be silly!

Nothing gets the job done quite like a great sense of humor.

I mean, really folks, would you rather be on a first date with someone who made you chuckle, giggle, and laugh, or with someone who was as dry as Melba toast (gag) or that cheap bottle of white wine that a guest brought to your last byo (bring your own) party?

Laughter has always been a fast-lane highway to my heart. Make me laugh, regularly and deeply and I sure as hell will want to be around you often, and for extended periods of time.

Laughter is easy for me to elicit as I’m a bit of a wise-ass anyway. I love to see someone giggle that I just made fun of or told a stupid joke to. Oh yeah, and by the way, most, if not all people seem much more attractive when they are smiling, than when they are frowning, judging, going on endlessly about their ex (another long tip) or stuffing their face with the buffet shrimp (never a good idea).

So the next time you’re across the coffee table with a less than exciting date, be the one that makes them laugh first, and sit back and observe if a flame begins to flicker in their eyes, as well as a chuckle in their belly.

And by the way, just in case you are generally the “serious one” it might be a good idea to hit the local bookstore or library for a tome on jokes, comedy writing, improvisation, or just a humorous book that ignites conversation.

Hey, at worst you’ll make yourself laugh, and that’s always a great place to start!



P.S. What’s the funniest date that you’ve ever been on?
What does laughter do for you?
What do you do to make people laugh, and why?
Would you prefer to make someone laugh, or have someone elicit it in you?
What’s the funniest joke you’ve ever heard?

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