Friday, August 21, 2009

Sarcasm Schmarkasm.

Take sarcasm lightly. Give sarcasm right back just as lightly.

This is one of my personal favorites:

Sarcasm is a double-edged sword, and without a doubt the most misunderstood form of communication today. I use it regularly and copiously, and get the most interesting results imaginable!

Now my personal take as a guy, is that if a woman is sarcastic on a first contact, whether she is serious or not, I take it as a joke and smile.
This accomplishes two very amazing results:

First, if she was indeed serious and attacking something about me, she realizes that I have the confidence to brush it aside, and now it’s my turn!

Second, if she was joking (as a test, of course) and I laugh and shoot one right back, I have passed the initial “weenie test” and have displayed the mental stability and confidence that she seeks in a mate.

Some of the best and brightest people I have met are sarcastic. The trick to sarcasm is to always follow it with a smile.

After all, you really don’t want your date to cry, do you? (Sick, you are just sick!)
And by the way ladies, men use sarcasm as a test too. Fail the test and you’re in for an early evening with Rocky Road and your keyboard.

Question: What was your opinion about sarcasm, before reading this, and after?

See ya!


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