Tuesday, August 25, 2009

“Red flags” are there for a reason.

That feeling…

You know, that feeling; the one that has you wrinkling your nose and making that funny “WTF…?” Face?

The one that should be a warning bell?

The one that says “something just ain’t right here, ain’t kosher in Denmark?”

The one that you ignore because he/she is “so cute” or is “an amazing, super awesome kisser” or some equally great feeling?

So you’re out at a restaurant with an attractive date. You’re kinda sizing them up because at least they’re easy on the eyes so you’re waiting to see if they’re as attractive on the inside, as out?

A gentleman walks by your table and your date glances in his direction, leans towards you and says “ can you believe it? Everywhere you go? You can’t get away from these people?”

And you suddenly aren’t as hungry as you were a minute ago. You just want to leave and get away from this moron.

But what if they’re really, really attractive? Do you just let the comment go as if it never happened? Do you lower yourself to their level and agree, just on the off chance you’re your date will feel that they have found their moronic soul mate, and you might have sex with them tonight?

Well folks, for me at least, that s a huge “end of game, everyone outta da pool” red flag.

“Elvis has left the building, and he is me!” If I see prejudice, rudeness towards a waitress, or a crappy tipper (yes, I do let the woman tip sometimes! Get over yourself, this is 2009 fer cripes sake!) I am so done.

At very best their behavior is to be examined, disseminated, and discussed in an adult conversation with your “awesome kissing cutie.”

Ignoring red flags does not convince them to go away, no, quite the opposite my fine, love sick friends.

Ignored red flags tend to reproduce at an alarming rate, sorta like pouring honey next to an anthill and watching as the hordes climb all over each other to get to the sticky, sweet mess of goo.

Ignore red flags at great peril to your psyche, your eventual happiness, and often, to the hard-earned cash in your wallet!


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