Thursday, July 16, 2009

I bow in your general direction.

So besides being one of the creators and facilitators of Dating DeMistyfied ( I occasionally run a fun singles event called "Kemistry One Ohhh One, because singles events suck!" We have a blast presenting "dating scenarios" to the crowd and then getting them deeply involved with each other.

It's mad fun!

Sexxy Lexxi is one of my partners. She is 24, a complete bombshell in every way, and totally knows it too.

She is one dangerous character indeed.

So we were in Washington Square Park one night practicing our scenarios when the conversation turned (it always turns with us) to putting gorgeous women on a pedestal so high that they are almost un-approachable to most men.

I shared stories about the women I grew up with, and the ones who did the best with the guys were the ones who dressed in jeans and football jerseys and wore little to no makeup. Yeah, they were cute anyway, we're not talking about female Russian power lifters here!

Lexxi was not surprised. She explained that last week she was out with a date, and some of her friends came along for the ride.
Poor guy!

According to Lexxi she looked very hot that night. One of her female friends on the other hand had developed a case of acne and to say the least was not exactly dressed very sexy that evening.

This same acne attacked friend went home with a ton of phone numbers, while Lexxi was ignored by nearly every male in the joint,
every one except her date that is!

We agreed that the reason for this inconsistency was that her friend appeared "approachable" while Sexxy Lexxi went home numberless.

So is that what it is? Do men find that woman who seem "approachable" to be more attractive, at least in the short run to a woman who is "dressed to the nines" thus not as approach friendly?

Is it a better idea for women to "dress down" and appear easily approachable, or should the girls "dress to impress" with all the accompanying accoutrement's?

Who woulda thunkit?


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