Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I don't get it?

So there we were, my son and I at the local supermarket.
And there she was, this stunning, black haired, black eyed woman with an hourglass figure and a face to launch a thousand ships.
She walked by, never glancing at us, but we certainly noticed her.
I just looked at my son, all 6 foot two of him at 14, and he just uttered "indeed."
The message was clear, she was a hottie.
And there we were again, on line and paying for our groceries as she walked by yet again. I rushed my items into their bags and raced after her.
In the crowded parking lot I caught up to her as I pushed my crickety wagon and uttered "excuse me, have you ever thought of doing photography? I'm a photographer and I'd love to shoot you sometime."
Now I have uttered these words to many women and did indeed "shoot" many of them, even dated one or two.
And her response was not as expected.
"Who me? Oh, no, I would never, I couldn't, I'm just, I'm just not that good looking, but thank you." And she just scurried away.
And there you have it. When I tell you that this woman was VERY nicely put together, I am not kidding, and yet she had no conception of what she had or who she was.
I wonder how many women out there have similar "issues" (don't kill me here) in that their self esteem just does not equal their physical beauty?

So ladies, do you have friends who are like this?

And men, do you also have great looking friends who are just, like shy and do not see themselves as good looking?

I'd love to hear from you all.



Chrissysno said...

First, sorry on behalf of shy girls out there. People who are extroverts really "don't get" shy, introvert people and probably, never will.

Second, I'm a fellow photographer too and since I'm a shy person, approaching people to ask to photograph them requires finesse and a friendly disposition.

Third, being a woman, if someone were to approach me to photograph me, sorry, but I instantly think that a male photographer has other "ideas". There are just too many Lifetime movies about male photographers who use photography to get involved with their "models" which, ultimately leads to nude photography. Sorry, but women can think that way. If the woman you talked about was an extrovert, you would've had no problem to have a new model to photograph.

Perhaps, using delicate finesse and friendly approachability could go a long way with introverted women.

Just my "two cents". Happy shooting!

Dating DeMistyfied said...

Chrissy, I so totally agree with you. This particular girl was totally introverted, I mean she could barely even meet my eyes.
A more extroverted woman, whether she wanted to be photographed or not, would have reacted completely differently.
And I did indeed have ulterior motives!
But I really did wanna shoot her as well!
Um, with clothing!