Saturday, July 18, 2009

Is dating still a mystery to you?

So I had just finished watching an old Star Trek episode with my son (A Piece of the Action!) on this very computer when I remembered that I promised my partner Tony that I would post an ad/blog here tonight.

So as I began to write the content you will see below, some woman from Florida decides to I.M. me on MySpace. I didn't even know I was logged on as I rarely go to that old profile. I did not remember her but it's always nice to be polite, even at 1:30 in the morning!
I will cut and paste our very short exchange for you to see and then write my comments.

It follows:

her: thank you so much for the kind words so many days ago. They have always stayed with me, and made me realize that what I said is sometimes, understood.

me: Kind? Meeeee???? Awwwww, really?

her: do you remember the nice comment?

me: I am in the middle of blogging right now for my business, so please dear, refresh my memory!

her: sorry, i will let you go...

me: I was not trying to go, I was simply asking for you to refresh my memory...

And then she just logged off!!!!

Now, in retrospect, could my "business blogging" comment have been perceived as a brushoff?
I mean after all, I DID ask her to refresh my memory?
Perhaps if I had just said "thank you" it may have sufficed?
Or, was this woman just setting herself up for failure, assuming for no good reason that I was, indeed "brushing her off?"
Maybe she's just a lonely woman, and perhaps dating and men are a "mystery" to her?

Seems to be a lot of that going around! And that's why Tony and I have created "Dating DeMistyfied." The "flyer" below was created by us today with the help of a brilliant, young marketing guy.

Please read it and post your comments as we'd really love to hear your opinions (despite the fact that, at this hour my eyeballs are nearly falling out!).


Women, do you know what motivates men to wanna talk to you?

Men, do you?

It may NOT be what you think!

It may NOT be what you feel!

It may not even BE ON YOUR RADAR!

At the Dating DeMistyfied Workshops you'll deeply get how the other sex feels, what attracts them TO YOU, and what works best about YOU!

Come join us!

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