Thursday, July 23, 2009

What I miss the most...

What I miss the most... not the sex anytime and anywhere,
is not the sweet aroma of her hair,
is not the feel of her mouth down below,
or the way she'd look when the lights were low.
Is not her shape,
or curves,
or taste,
is not my mouth below her waste,
what I miss the most,
what had me totally endeared,
were her soft arms around me
when the world just dissappeared.



Lee said...


That's lovely. I'll say that your workshop definitely gave me something; and that's a breaking down of some boundaries in myself. I pushed past a little bit of a comfort zone and developed a little more humility. I'm still in touch with one person I met there and am glad for it. Thanks for giving me a chance to experience what you're building.

Dating DeMistyfied said...

Thanks Lee, that really means a lot!
I've recently spoken to "one person you met there" and she is equally glad to have met you!

Way kewl!