Monday, July 6, 2009

So do nice guys really finish last?

The first two female responses to my first blog began with "hate to admit it, but" and so went all the answers as well. Man I just hate it when all the ladies agree with me!
Women, why do you go for the "bad boys?" I mean, truly? If most women want "a nice guy" then why do most of you run away from one like they have the plague, or large bulging eyeballs or something?
I mean just speaking for myself, whenever I was on a first date and gave that "I really don't care what you think" vibe, the date always went very well and usually ended with a smooching session in my car, if not much more.
I'm not saying that I was aloof. I'm saying that I was interesting, funny, and confident, but not "a nice guy."
Now, just for comparison, I can remember other dates when I was very attracted to the woman, thus on my "best behavior" and immediately relegated to the "friend zone."
One of these girls is my friend Codey. We had chatted online and then on the phone for about a month and the sexual innuendo was very aggressive on both sides. It was amazing!

So what did I do?
I actually showed up to our first date with about 150 pictures of my kids and scenic photos I had taken. She was polite, even kissed me pretty well against my car, but in the back of her mind was "nice guy, really nice, not for me!" And yes, I have stayed in the friend zone with her for many years. It's okay dudes and dudettes, I have moved on!!!

So I guess the difference, for both men and women is simple. Be yourself. Don't be anything you're not and definitely have all the fun that you can.
Be confident and don't take any crap. And most of all if you are very attracted to your date, sit back, relax, and let them lead for a while. You just might find out a few things about them that will either have you more interested, or way less!
This stuff makes ya crazy, eh?

Oh and by the way, if you'd like some answers to the many and myriad questions of Chemistry and Dating, then go to or If nothing else, you'll get a good laugh!



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