Thursday, July 16, 2009

A buck to pee please

So I'm hanging with my buddy Marc who owns Body Vision (runs a kick-ass bootcamp in Central Park) and we're just talking about women in general and some of the, um, errrr....well, scams we've pulled and gotten away with (don't hate me please!) down through the years.

So I was relating a time about four years ago when I had just finished a book signing for InterKnot (the book I wrote on Internet dating, but you already knew that, right?) and a bunch of the guests asked me to join them at a local watering hole, a very crowded one at that.

Now for some reason I had decided to dress all in black that evening, definitely not my standard modus oporendi (I know I must have spelled that wrong!) and sorta looked like a server at a catered function, or at least restaurant staff. Hey, I hadn't intended on dating or anything of the sort, so I pulled out my "Metrosexual" card for the evening!

I had just exited the mens room and stopped just adjacent to the ladies room because the line for "the head" was in my way and I was being polite.
And suddenly this adorable and very drunk "twenty something" woman asked me "is there a charge?"
"Huh? A charge?" I thought to myself?
"Hmmmm, this could get interesting" I'm thinking!
I replied "yes, yes there is a charge, one dollar please." And she reached unassumingly into her pocket for the dollar, handed it to me and walked into the ladies room.
The next girl on line looked at me and said "You guys are charging to pee?"
I answered, "well, that's your prerogative, but the head is a buck and it all goes to the staff at the end of the night."
She handed me a dollar,
and then the next girl did,
and then the next, and another, until 5 women had handed me a buck and I had just had enough.
I figured it would be a good time to stop before the bouncer granted me a rapid exit to the door.

I hunted down four of the five women in the next hour, handed them back their dollar and here is the final tally (men, pay attention here!):

Three of the four took back their dollar, laughed until they nearly peed themselves, and THEY bought ME a drink for having the balls to pull off that scam, and for them actually falling for it.

And one refused to take back the dollar (she said it was money well spent) and asked me for my cell phone into which she inputted her phone number and email addy.

Balls, creativity, boldness, uniqueness, call it whatever you like, but guys, women LOVE these aspects in a man, and if you can get women to do things that they would not normally agree to, and then "fess up" that they were scammed, they will remember you forever!

You just might need to duck once in a while as an un-ordered drink may be rapidly approaching your face!

Hey, it's all good yo!


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