Monday, July 13, 2009

Women in Bars, Men on The Web?

What going on here?

I happened to be meeting a friend at a local watering hole on the Upper East Side of Manhattan last week and I swear that I had died and gone to heaven. There must have been at least 5-7 single women in the bar for every single man. Lucky me I wasn't staying for more than a few minutes, but what an opportunity if I was!
I had a few conversations while I was there with some of the women of different age groups and they all agreed that there are no single men in New York City.
Well, I have to disagree with them as I know hordes of single and divorced men, the difference is that most of them are not searching for women in bars and clubs.

So where are all these thousands of men?

Are they hiding under rocks?
Are they all at Hockey, Baseball, Football, Basketball games, or WWE Wrestling matches?
Have they joined a knitting circle?
Are they tri-athletes swimming around Manhattan Island? (yuk)
Are they in witness protection programs?
I don't think so folks.

So where are most of the men?

They're on the Internet.
Yup, sitting at home with no fear of being "shot down in flames" by the fast witted, sharp tongued, upwardly mobile, type "A" personality, powerful New York Woman, and on a plethora of free or paid dating sites.
Internet statistics state that the ratio of men to women on a typical dating site is nearly 8-1.
That's right, nearly eight men for every woman on the Internet.
And from what I hear, the stats are similar in other cities as well.


Soooooo.... if you're a smart guy, somewhat decent looking, somewhat presentable, with something interesting or funny to talk about, don't live in your mothers basement, and have a clean shirt that doesn't smell funky, you just might wanna get out there and talk to women.
Y'know what, they just might answer you!

Works for me!


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